Old News...

January 31, 2010:  I've just released my first game called Concentration for Kids. It doesn't seem like there are many kids games for Android right now, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Even though it was originally inteded for kids, it's a fun way to see how high a score you can get after going through the 10 levels. Adults can probably get through the game in about 10 minutes.

January 6, 2010:  Just released Android 2.0 specific versions of Quick Poll Free and Quick Poll Pro. Unfortunatly, it isn't possible to have the same code run on both the 2.0 and pre 2.0 versions of Android due to the way the SDK changed the way contact info is retrieved. So, I'm maintaining FOUR versions of this app now.

January 5, 2010:  I have released an update to Roku Remote with two changes. First, I've added a "Scan network for Roku" menu option which will let you search your entire network for the Roku player. If it finds it, the app will use it's IP address as the default in the preferences screen. With the scan function, you can now use the Roku Remote without having to bring up the on-screen Roku settings and hunt for the IP address.

Secondly, I've removed the code to automatically turn on WIFI as this isn't supported in 1.6 and later. Instead, I bring up the system WIFI preference screen and let the user turn it on there. If anyone has a problem with this, please drop me a note at

December 1, 2009:  I have re-released Quick Poll to the Android Market. I had taken it off the market during the ADC2 since it wasn't clear to me what the rules were around that. Anyway, I've put out two version of the app - a free version and a pro version. The free version has all the same functionality as the pro version, but is limited to 2 poll choices. The pro version allows up to 9 choices. You can find the app in the Android Market by searching for "Quick Poll"

September 15, 2009:  Released my second Android app called Roku Remote. The name says it all - it works like your Roku remote control, but you can use it anywhere in your house that you WIFI access.

August 10, 2009:  Released version 1 of my first Android app called Quick Poll! Not only is it my first app, but my first attempt at programming in Java. (Note: I have pulled this from the App Market during the Android Developer Challenge 2. It seems I can't have the same app in the competition while it's in the android market)